Everyone loved the Browns then they signed Kareem Hunt.

Honestly what the fuck. The Browns were turning into America’s team they were once so bad that if their game was even close you would root for the Browns. They got rid of the coach in the league Hue Jackson and drafted badman Baker Mayfield and nearly went .500 as a team. Then just as everyone was on team Browns they have to sign Domestic abuser Kareem Hunt, and why did they have to do it rookie running back Nick Chubb was only four yards short of a thousand yards. Why sign a man that America hates when you don’t even need him. He might not even play next year he’s going to be suspended no matter where he goes, the only real question is how long until he beats another one of his girlfriends. I was starting to like the Browns they have a young core they can build around for at least the next 5 years, the steelers are dying with Brown and Bell gone, and what will become of the Lamar Jackson Ravens no one really knows. It is the Brown’s division now only two years after they didn’t win a game. Baker I’m talking to you now you got Hue fired so, you call John Dorsey immediately and tell he fucked up. If Kareem Hunt isn’t released tomorrow I’m personally saying it’s Bakers fault for not controlling the team. Baker you need to Lebron this team, you want someone gone you make them gone, it doesn’t matter the sport you give Cleveland coaches any power and they’ll eventually fuck it up.

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