Urban Meyer dies on a Roller coaster

Wait he lived Urban Meyer. The same football coach who grabs his head for half an hour if he gets too excited or his team plays like shit survived a roller coaster.

I’m calling you out Urban, I think you faked the Brain cyst, paid some doctor to say you had surgery, it ain’t like he doesn’t have the money. But the doctors say he needs to be conscious of how often he screamed and blew his whistle. If you have ever watched a Ohio State game, Urban doesn’t give a fuck about that cyst if they winning, high fiving, jumping up and down. However when they start losing the full chemo look comes out. He can’t move, hands never leave his head, Ohio State should just bring a coffin to every game in case he drops dead. But then Ohio State rallies and he’s like a fat kid who just found candy.

Urban asked after riding a roller coaster he said ” I actually rode a roller coaster for the first time in probably 15 years and survived it.” Odd decision for a man who might die if he gets too excited to ride a roller coaster. Theirs only two options he wanted to die instead of playing in the Rose bowl or the more likely theory this fucker faked the cyst and rides a roller coaster everyday that he had installed in his backyard. Michigan fans use Google Earth and start looking for that roller coaster.

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