Antonio Brown Landing spots

1. 49ers

The 49ers receiving corps need a boost and Brown is that boost. Their best receiver for the year only had 487 yards. However they do have the best tight end in the league and he’s looking for help. Antonio Brown also liked a photo where he was photoshopped in a 49ers uniform and he replied to George Kittle when he tweeted him.screen shot 2019-01-03 at 2.27.12 pm

2. Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald is gonna be gone soon and the Cardinals are gonna need to replace him. Fitzgerald has been the only real production for the Cardinals he has six touchdowns and the rest of the Cardinal receivers only have nine. If the Cardinals want Josh Rosen to succeed then need to give him a stud receiver.

3. Raiders

Jon Gruden has traded away his entire team, so he has plenty of picks to trade away. Don’t be surprised if the they use the first round pick they got for Amari Cooper from the Cowboys to trade for Antonio Brown.

4. Packers

The Packers receiver struggle is real. In the past their star receivers would get hurt or they just struggle getting started. The Packers already have two first round picks, and they would most definitely trade one away to keep Aaron Rodgers happy.

5. Dolphins

This move would make sense, Antonio Brown lives in Miami so the move would be one step easier. He would also become the immediate number one receiver with Danny Amendola leading the team with only 575 yards. The Dolphins not having a coach and Ryan Tannehill potentially getting released leaves a lot of uncertainty.

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