2019 GYM Resolutions

People lets be honest don’t say your 2019 resolution is to hit the gym. You and I both know that you aren’t gonna go more than three months and that’s okay at least you tried, just wasting time for people there who are actually trying to workout. You need to embrace that you got a couple more pounds on you than you would like and just run with it. Every group of friends, needs the funny fat friend, so why workout everyday cutting out foods you love, when you could just make a couple more jokes and be the funny fat friend everyone loves. Buy a gym membership. Now I’m trapped into going or I’m wasting my money and everyone knows how they hate wasting money.

Here’s my ideal 2019 body:

Look at this fat son of a bitch he’s perfect. He hasn’t had a six pack a day in his life but that won’t stop him from getting a laugh from everyone at that pool. He gets the arm rest for his fat hand and now sleeping is even easier a classy move if you ask me. But for all you gentleman out there now the most important detail his wife is hotter than he is she’s a 10 compared to him. Remember boys abs might get them for one night but make them laugh and they’re trapped forever.

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