The Big 10 is trash.

The College Football Playoff hasn’t even started yet and the SEC has already proven why it’s the only real conference in the college football. If you’re wondering why I needed to post this, then you obviously missed the murder that just occurred on ESPN.  Auburn the tenth ranked team in the SEC by record beat Purdue the ninth ranked team in the Big 10 by 49. And I know what you’re thinking who gives a shit it was a bowl game between two shit teams that nobody cares about, and your right this game really does mean nothing the only people  watching this onslaught were Purdue and Auburn fans.

But I care about this game for a different reason and it’s because of Ohio State fans. Never has a group of fans bitched so much about their team not getting into the college football playoff. Ohio State fans should be thanking the committee they didn’t get put, so we wouldn’t have to watch the Big 10 get embarrassed again.

Now let’s go back to Purdue vs Auburn and why this all matters. Purdue had one game that mattered all year, their fans might say different, but their Purdue fans so who really cares what they say. That one game when they manhandled Ohio State by 29 points at home. So Buckeye fans now after seeing Purdue get obliterated on national television by one of the SEC’s worst teams, do you still wanna play Alabama in the first round or you wanna keep Washington in the Rose Bowl. I enjoy watching Ohio State get embarrassed, but I like when the playoff has actual games. Alabama will steal beat Oklahoma because they don’t have a defense but at least they will put some points on the board.

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