Why Josh Gordon really left the Patriots?

Josh Gordon didn’t leave the Patriots because of the reasons being reported in the media. He left because he couldn’t handle the devastation of letting down Tom Brady one December night when he lost in a footrace against Cordarrelle Patterson over the most important nickname in all of sports “Flash”.   

A little background for those who don’t know Cordarrelle and Gordon share the same nickname “Flash”. It was all fine until Cordarrelle said “Josh ain’t faster than me, so I gave him the Reverse Flash.He thinks he’s faster than me, but he ain’t. There’s no competing for it. He’s the Reverse Flash.”

Now most so called reporters are saying it was the Nov. 18 bye weekend when Gordon eluded his security team and did the DRUGS or whatever else they say.. Gordon never even had a drug problem he just used fake piss so he could get away from Hue Jackson. Being paid millions of dollars still isn’t enough to put up with Hue Jackson.Only if Baker told him a couple weeks earlier I’m gonna get this guy fired and make Cleveland a real team again.  These are all lies he was at the facility putting in work, being a constant professional, like every Patriot should be. He’s running routings, catching balls, doing sprints, and whatever else athletes do when they workout how should I know. Having put in almost four hours of work and his security team still somehow looking for him, a bunch of idiots, Cordarrelle Patterson walks in and says lets race to finally see who get “Flash”. Gordon says yes despite the superhuman workout he just put in, oh what a competitor how could any Pats fans not love this man. The two lineup for the race and the only man in the facility, Max the 85 year old janitor comes over to call the start he clearly says the count is 3..2..1..GO but Patterson leaves early, his only chance to beat the superior Gordon. Gordon knows he cheated, the janitor saw he cheated, he thinks whatever he’ll just tell the guys how Cordarrelle “The Flash” Patterson needed to cheated to beat the real “Flash” and the janitor will have his back.

So when Josh got into work three hours early, like he always does, and Cordarrelle was talking shit on won he was the real Flash because he won the race. Why wasn’t Max telling everyone what really happened until he learned max had suddenly died in the middle of the night. Was Max’s dead a mere accident or a murder to protect the most recognizable nickname in the NFL and really all of sports Flash. Tom brady took the news the hardest he was devastated on how Gordon so called lost. Gordon tried to convince him but how could he really the only man who saw the race is dead.

Josh Gordon had let down Tom Brady, the man he cares most about, to Tom Josh was always Flash, Tom didn’t even know his name he was just Flash in the locker room. At that moment Josh knew he had to leave the team, when you let down Tom Brady you gotta leave.


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