Top 5 Hallmark Movies

5.Let it Snow (2013)

Stephanie (Candace Cameron Bure) has never seen snow, hates Christmas, and wants to shut down the Snow Valley Lodge. After a Christmas tree lighting, a little time on the slopes, and some cuddling with Brady(Jesse Hutch) she finally gets the courage to tell off her father and keep the lodge open. The movie is sweet, fun, just worth watching to see Brady. Seriously Hollywood get this man some more movies.

4.A Royal Christmas (2014)

A royal wedding on Christmas what else do you really need. That’s I gotta say its a really good movie.

3.Meet the Santas (2005)

Think of the Santa Clause 3 where Santa has to impress the in-laws while they don’t know he’s really Santa. But this time Santa hasn’t gotten married yet. It’s silly, funny, and kinda corny but in a good way.

2.The Christmas Train (2017)

A Christmas cross country journey on a beautiful that your ex-girlfriend happens to be on what are the chances? Seriously what are the chances Hallmark can you do something like this for me:)

1.Northpole (2014)

Any true Christmas fan knows the Northpole can’t run out of magic and that’s the problem here. So an optimistic elf Clementine (Bailee Madison) returns to a small town to convince the people they need to un-cancel their annual Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony to help boost the power. Lucky for us there’s a love story too but I don’t wanna spoil watch it and find out for yourself.

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