Hellboy Trailer Review

My Grade : C+

When I watched this trailer all I thought was David Harbour is doing an okay Ron Perlman impression. When I heard the trailer was going to drop I was originally  excited a Hellboy movie finally with an R-rating, but instead we got a trailer with some upbeat music Hellboy trying to crack some one-liners and a lot of CGI creatures. If this movie wants to be better than the original two Hellboy movie it needs to embrace the R-rating show us that witty go fuck yourself character that Hellboy is supposed to be. Unless the next trailer hopefully a red band trailer this movie is a definite flop candidate. It comes out only two weeks before Avengers:Endgame and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army only made 160 million at the box office which is 61 million more than the original Hellboy. Barely anyone saw the first two and fans like me don’t love this trailer it ain’t a good look For Hellboy 2019 early.     

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